Garden Pictures from May 27, 2011

I’ve been nursing a geriatric German shepherd through some
intestinal problems, so I haven’t had lots of energy for
gardening. For instance, I didn’t prune the rosebush at all. The
one on the corner of the front yard that was growing into the walk
to the back yard got pruned accidentally by the Newfoundland
downstairs, but the one in my plot has some branches that are
really in my way. But at this point, I’ll wait and cut them off
when they have flowers on them.

As you can see, the alliums are in full bloom. The sedge is
blooming, less spectacularly. The rhubarb is more enthusiastic
than it’s been in the past, and less chewed on. And we have an
unusual number of snails this year.

Grape vines in East Cambridge

[back yard with grape arbor]

Yard with grape arbor

One of my favorite gardens in East Cambridge has a grape
arbor over the whole yard. They can have a fairly large party
there, and when you walk by in the fall the smell of the grapes
is wonderful.

[grape leaves with fungus]

Grape leaves with fungus or something

This year, although there are a fair number of green grapes,
there seems to be something wrong with a lot of the leaves. I
hope it’s not serious.

[green grapes]

Green grapes