Making progress with the Zaurus

Yesterday I reflashed Openzaurus 3.5.2 with the 56-8 Zimage. I
decided not to pivot_root to the sd card, but to reformat it as ext3
so that I could install most stuff to there.

I have opie-reader with the FixedMonofonts.

Justreader seemed to break the terminal, so I removed it.

The irk and the terminal in sideways work fine.

I figured out the mystery of how to install konqueror-embedded.
The answer is that you install libstdc++6 from the devel feed,
libpcre0 from the updates feed, and then install konqueror-embedded
with the -force-depends option.

Wireless seems to work, although I don’t have an open channel at
home any more. opie-wellenreiter installed with no problem, and
wasn’t finding anything either.


Audio is still a problem. xmms-embedded seems to play mp3’s. (I
only tested one; apparently there are some that don’t work, but the
one I tried was ok). Opie-recorder still says it can’t write to a
file, and opie-vmemo doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can’t find
the command line program that I couldn’t use last time because
Justreader had already busted the console.

I did find a site
about how to develop sound on the Zaurus, and all the command line
stuff there works in a fashion. The record command line seems to be
writing a raw sound file without a header about the sampling rate, so
the play command line plays the file at a different speed depending on
what xmms has been doing. The first time I played it, it was too slow
so it sounded like I was speaking some slavic language very pompously,
and then I played the mp3 on xmms and then I sounded like a munchkin.

Nothing I’ve tried on the desktop computer seems to be able ot
decode the raw file.

So I will look harder to find a command line app, or see if tkcvox
can run under the compatibility mode, or something.


I attempted to install oz-compat and run my opera .ipk under it, and
was unsuccessful. I’m not sure that’s the right .ipk though.


No static webpages yet

I attempted to generate the static webpages on the main site, but
instead of writing .html files, it just spewed html out to stdout.

The documentation has something cryptic about needing the correct
passwords if your host isn’t honoring some convention, but no
information about how to give blosxom the password.

I wrote a query to the blosxom mailing list, which initially
bounced because yahoogroups decided to sulk because one mail message
bounced. It may be sulking in general, because I’ve gotten very
little yahoogroups mail this morning. However, I supposedly
reinstated my account, and have gotten some mail from them since then,
and the message I sent is on the website but hasn’t been answered.

It’s surprising that people as technically savvy as the blosxom people
must be are using yahoogroups instead of a mailing list that actually
works and can be fixed when it doesn’t.

More work on the website(s)

I wasn’t up to tackling the lilypond scripts, so I sent the test css
page url to a bunch of people, and put favicons on both laymusic and

The way I found to get a favicon was to use display to generate a
square image of the right size, and then use png2ico to get the icon.
I gave it both 16×16 and 32×32 icons. The serpent is OK, but the
recorder is only recognizable if you already know what it is.

Planning the site redesign

There are two main things I’m going to work on in the next week or
two about the site. One is improving the format, hopefully so that
those pesky IE5.0 on Mac OSX people can read it, and also because the
current design with all the site links in the right column is starting
to be unwieldy, now that I have the google ads (which might be
producing useful checks some day). So I’m going to try out some
three-column designs, and see what happens.

The other big problem is the lilypond version problem. I have
written out a lot of my thoughts on this problem in an email to the
user list
. I’m hoping to work on fixing and redesigning the script over the weekend.

Corrections based on Feb. 8 rehearsal

Heurteur, Grace et vertu

My oversimplification of the alternative endings was too simplified to
be playable, so I have unsimplified it but not to the extent the AR
edition does.

Also, there was a typo in the words, which has been fixed.

Barney is convinced there should be an indication of the elision,
but I don’t do that anywhere else. But I have asked the Lilypond user
list whether it’s possible.

Update: 02/10/05
I wrote the lilypond
user list
with the question
about how to do this
, and didn’t get anything useful back.

There was a dotted rest in the cantus part, which I transcribed
from the AR edition, but my typesetting standards don’t allow dotted
rests, so I have taken it out.

Campian, Babylon Streams

There was an underlay problem in verse 5, which is now fixed.

one were really going to sing all 9 verses, one would want to do
something like italicize the even numbered ones.

Arcadelt, Il bianco e dolce cigno

The lyrics were missing lots of hyphens. I forget where I got that
from — I probably didn’t enter the lyrics directly. Fixed now. Let
me know if I overdid it. I’m pretty sure “sconsolato” is one word,
but I suppose it could be “scon solato”.

Added Thomas Campian’s Babylon Streams

The Cantabile
Renaissance band
has been doing more Thomas
lately, and we also have a set of songs that have
something to do with rivers, because we play every year for the Walk for Hunger on the banks
of the Charles River.

There’s a piece called Babylon Streams by Thomas Campian that the West Gallery Quire does.
It was published in the Scottish Psalter in 1615 with words from the
of the Metrical psalms. But Bruce Randall usually uses
the words from Walter Scott’s Dies Irae translation, which are very

But I thought it would be fun to sing to the Babylon words along
with the Billings
Lamentation over Boston
and the Psaume
by Paschal de l’Estocart.

So it’s up.

Other additions on February 8, 2005

Neither of these are new typesetting, but I noticed they weren’t there
when I was writing up Babylon
, so I added them.

We thought Campian’s
My love hath vowed he will forsake me
might work in the May songs
group we do at the Walk for Hunger, so I set

And we did Psaume CXXXVII
by Paschal de l’Estocart to a translation by Clement Marot last
year at the Walk, and it was a big hit. The Serpent especially
likes it.