[cantabile] Plans for the May 10 meeting

The next meeting of the Cantabile Renaissance Band will be on Tuesday,
May 10, at 7:45 PM at my place.

We have pretty much abandoned the twice a month idea, and just
meet every week, being aware that there are some people who want to
come regularly who can’t make it that often.

Rather than send out these announcements and the reports on what
we’ve done at the meetings to the whole list, I will send them to
people coming regularly or semi-regularly, and post them on the blog
for anyone interested to read. I will continue to post announcements
on an intermittent basis to the list. And I will
post any irregularity in the schedule, although it might make sense
to check before coming if you haven’t been in a while.

In any case, for this meeting, we’ll get back to our Dowland of the
week. The next one is “In this trembling, trembling shadow”.

We may also do some of the things that fell off the playlist at the
Walk for Hunger, like the Vecchi “Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno” if we have
enough people for a five-part piece, and “Vive la Serpe”.

I think the DSL problem is finally fixed, so everybody should get
this one.

[cantabile] Meeting Announcement

Then next meeting of the Cantabile Renaissance Band will be on
Tuesday, May 3, at 7:45 PM and my place.

We resume our regularly scheduled drop-in group at this meeting.
Come if you can even if you don’t feel like performing on any
particular date, or know whether you ever want to come again, or aren’t able
to make it on time.

Many thanks to those who performed yesterday at the Walk for
Hunger. The weather made it more of a challenge than usual, but I
think we made some good music anyway.


We have lots of things we can play tomorrow, and we’ll work on what
the people who come want to do.

  • We can continue chugging through the Dowland Passionate Pilgrim.
    We bogged down on those very difficult three-part ones, but my guess
    is that the four-part ones after that are only normally difficult.
  • John Tyson brought a drinking round from Ravenscroft to the last
    recorder society meeting; we can do that.
  • There were some things that fell off the Walk for Hunger program
    because of lack of time, and it would be good to work them up so that
    they could be on future programs.

    • Vive la Serpe
    • The Vecchi Il Bianco e dolce Cigno
    • A couple of drinking rounds
  • If anyone wants to bring something completely different, that has
    nothing to do with anything we’ve worked on before, that might be fun.

Email contact

My DSL line is down; at the moment the ball is in the phone
company’s court, and they claim to have a 24-hour response time,
starting this morning. I have managed to get dialup email access, but
it isn’t going to be as easy as usual, so if there’s something you
really need to reach me about, you might want to phone as well.
(Since I’ll be on dialup for the email, that won’t be as easy as
usual, either, but the voice mail should work.)

Also, until the DSL line is working again, anything you need to get
off of serpent.laymusic.org is going to be inaccessible.

How to dialup with Debian Linux

Last night I got in and my DSL line wasn’t working. I’ve spent
some time on the phone with the speakeasy support people, and it looks
like a break in the phone line about 400 feet away from my house. The
phone company claims 24-hour response times on problems like this.

They gave me a telephone number to call to get connected to the
internet while the DSL isn’t working.

Luckily I had loaned my modem to a friend who was setting up a
dialup connection and gotten it back, so it was fairly near the
top of the box of unused computer stuff that might be useful some
day. So I crawled around on the floor underneath the computer table
and got it connected to the phone line, a power socket, and a serial
port on the computer.

I vaguely remembered that the command I used to type when I used to
use dialup on linux was wvdial. Luckily, I have this installed on the
current box, and there’s a command named wvdialconf that figures out
what serial port your modem is attached to, and sets up the
configuration file. Then you edit the file with your phone number,
username, and password. I had to call to get my password reset, and
since then I haven’t managed to access the speakeasy mail with either
the old or the new password, but I was getting a connection.

But the connection wasn’t letting me connect to anything. I
floundered around with restarting dns and such, but then I realized
that I wasn’t able to connect even with IP addresses, so it wasn’t the

At this point I was desperate, so I hooked up the creaky old Windows
98 laptop and told it the phone number, username and password. This
“just worked” as far as letting me connect to the internet. I
couldn’t remember enough magic words to be able to access my webmail,
but I was able to google on wvdial, and found a couple of magic words
to try. The one that worked was the following:

route del default
route add default ppp0

I have added this to /etc/ppp/ip-up.local, so we’ll see if I have
to do it next time I dial up. You would think that with all the
things that work automagically about the wvdial thing, they would be
doing this too, but I guess it could easily screw up someone who was
depending on an ethernet connection to file servers and such.

Schedule for the Walk for Hunger

We’re signed up to cover 10:30 to 3.

  • 10:30 – 10:45 Laura solo
  • 10:45 – 11:30 Ishmael dance music, including others as he
    considers appropriate. Let him know if you want to be included
  • 11:30 – 12 Laura and Bonnie, Morley duos
  • 12 – 12:30 Quilisma Consort
  • 12:30 – 1:15 Cantabile Renaissance Band
  • 1:15 – 1:45 Quilisma Consort
  • 1:45 – 2:30 Cantabile Renaissance Band

I haven’t in the past
scheduled the last half hour — we assume that things will run over a
bit, and we’ll repeat the big hits from both the solo and the group sets.

As in the past, we should set up so as to avoid down time as much
as possible. That is, Cantabile will set up (quietly) next to
Quilisma while they’re playing their first set, and start playing as
soon as they stop.

As always, if it rains we don’t bring the expensive wooden
instruments, but the singing and plastic recorder playing can procede
as scheduled. If there were a complete deluge with very few walkers,
we might feel justified in quitting early, but in general, if the
walkers are out there, their support staff (which includes us) should
be there too.

And anyone who doesn’t have to run off should plan on joining us at
the Bugaboo Creek Steak House after the performance.

Part assignments and playlist for Walk for Hunger

Here’s the play list with some possible part assignments. All of
this is open to discussion.

Note that you should keep the things that have fallen off the play
list for May, such as “April is in my mistress’ face”, and “Vive la
serpe” with your music, as we’ll be working on them after the

Please let me know if you don’t have the chance to print everything
before the first rehearsal you come to (I’m assuming Tuesday the 12
for everyone but Paul, and Tuesday the 19th for Paul). I’m quite
happy to print things for you, but not to take up rehearsal time
finding people music.

  • May music
    • Now is the month of maying: Cantus, Anne and
      Bonnie and Patricia; Altus, Laura; Quintus, Ishmael; Tenor, Barney; Bassus, Paul
      (voice and racket). Route is instrumental between verses two and
      three. We may also do a four-foot instrumental with cornetto (or
      possibly fiddle) on the bass and everyone else on recorders. Update: we rehearsed this with the viol on bass, so
      we’ll perform it that way.

    • God morrow, fair ladies of the may: Cantus, Anne on vocal, Bonnie on
      instrumental; Altus, Laura; Bassus, Ishmael. Route: Instrumental then
      vocal. Update: This and My love hath vowed
      will not be part of the 12:30 set. They may be included in the Morley
      set at 11:30. They will happen in the 1:45 set.
    • My love hath vowed she will forsake me: Bonnie on Bass all
      through; First verse: Anne solo on A section, all on B. Second verse:
      Laura solo on A section, all on B. Third verse: Ishmael solo on A
      section, all on B. Fourth verse: all. Instrumental accompaniments to be
    • Clear or cloudy: Cantus, Bonnie, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Anne;
      Tenor, Ishmael; Quintus, Barney; Bassus, Paul and Laura. Last year we did
      instrumental and then three verses vocal.
  • Drinking Songs
    • Rounds as necessary to fill in the time. Based on the April 5
      rehearsal, Cakes and Ale and Slaves are they that heap up mountains
      would both take some work and we may not have time for it. Otherwise,
      we can take suggestions, and even do different selections for the two
      sets. If we have time, we’ll work out some simple-minded
      orchestration; for instance, If I hold up a recorder, we all
      switch to recorders on the next time for one time through, etc.
    • Changeons propos

      Vocal: Cantus, Anne and Patricia; Tenor, Laura; Bassus, Paul,
      Barney, Ishmael.

      4-foot instrumental: Cantus, Bonnie; Tenor, Laura; Bassus, Ishmael

      8-foot instrumental: Cantus, Paul (cornetto); Tenor, Ishmael
      (fiddle); Bassus, Bonnie. Laura and Patricia may join the Cantus and

      The route will be 4-foot instrumental, French vocal, 8-foot
      instrumental, English vocal.
    • Vignons, vignons: Same as Changeons propos
    • Quand je bois: Same as Changeons propos
  • Swan songs
    • Silver Swan: Vocal — Cantus, Patricia and Paul; Quintus, Anne and
      Laura; Altus,
      Ishmael; Tenor, Barney; Bassus, Bonnie.

      Route: vocal, instrumental, vocal.
    • Me, me and none but me: Cantus, Anne and Patricia; Altus, Laura;
      Tenor, Ishmael and Barney; Bassus, Paul and Bonnie.

      Route: Instrumental, two verses vocal.
    • Il Bianco e dolce cigno: Part assignments, same as Me, me and none
      but me.

      Route: Instrumental, vocal. Paul should play soprano recorder on
      the instrumental, so that there will be a top-line instrument at the
      4-foot pitch the second line is going to be at.
      Update: We decided it sounds ok with the cornetto on top, so Paul
      should use his own judgement about which to play.

  • Babylon songs
    • Babylon Streams: Cantus, Anne, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Laura; Tenor,
      Ishmael; Bassus, Barney and Bonnie. Route: Instrumental, two verses vocal.
    • Estans assis: Cantus, Bonnie, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Anne and Barney on the
      instrumental; Tenor, Ishmael and Barney on the vocal; Bassus, Laura.
      Route: instrumental, vocal. Ishmael will
      intone the opening phrase solo.
    • Watertown: Soprano, Anne, Patricia and Paul; Alto, Laura; Tenor, Ishmael;
      Bass, Bonnie and Barney.

Report on the Walk for Hunger Performance

It was challenging. The weather prediction was that the rain would
end overnight and things would clear up by the time we had to start.
This looked like it was happening when I walked the dog at 6:30.

But at 10:30 when we were scheduled to start, it was raining quite
hard. I played “Singing in the Rain” and “It ain’t gonna rain no more
no more” in between the Playford and Van Eyck I had planned for my
solo set. People walking by cheered and clapped. It may have been
the sympathy vote — you always get more voters to talk
to at an election when you’re holding a sign and it’s pouring rain.

Eventually the other people arrived. Ishmael couldn’t play fiddle,
so he got out the pipe and tabor. I tried providing a bass line with
the plastic bass recorder, but it wasn’t really in tune with the tabor

Bonnie and I set up for our Morley set. By now the rain had
lightened up, and she got out her wood recorders. I played the
Soprano and Alto parts on plastic, but decided it wasn’t worth dealing
with the Yamaha stretch and played the tenor parts on my wooden

Quilisma showed up on time and set up without needing assistance.
They were playing “Rufty Tufty” when Peter Barnes, of the “Barnes Book
of English Country Dance” walked by. We were struck by how well they
carried, even playing bass.

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that the plastic bass carried well
enough to be heard by the singers, and in the Cantabile first set,
there were some train wrecks that I wasn’t expecting. There were
indeed a few pieces that were underrehearsed, but some of the train
wrecks were on pieces we’ve been playing for years, and have performed
successfully on numerous occasions.

So we spend the half hour of the Quilisma second set standing in a
tight circle (away from the Quilisma consort) and going over (vocally) the
things that had had problems. This was actually some of the best
singing we did all day.

For the second set, there wasn’t really very much rain, and Ishmael
got out his fiddle, but Bonnie still wasn’t comfortable getting out
the viol. I moved to serpent on a couple of things, but wasn’t able
to do as much of that as I would have liked to, because nobody but me
had rehearsed the alto part. But there were no major disasters, and
we felt good about the performance. John Maloney came by as we
rounded off the day with some of the rounds that had fallen off the
program due to time constraints, and complimented us on our clear

We went to our usual post-walk Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse rendezvous,
and after a good meal we left and the sun was shining brightly.
Ishmael said, “What a beautiful day! Let’s go play music in the
park.” But it was a joke. I don’t think any of us felt like playing
another note of that music for at least 24 hours.

There are pictures at the
serpent.laymusic.org gallery.
Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner took the
Quilisma Consort one, and John Maloney took the one of the Cantabile
Consort. More may be coming later.

Maps of where I’ve been

Browsing Eric Raymond’s page, I looked at the maps of states and
countries he’s visited, and followed the links to create my own.

Here are the states.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

I have to check with my mother about our routes to and from Texas
in 1955 and 1957.

And here are the countries:

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