Following up

I expect on a more or less weekly basis to post a short series
of paragraphs that update previous posts.


Last Friday, I wrote about my new tuner. I
said that I was having trouble even getting it to slow down when
playing a recorder. I took it to my lesson that evening, to see
what a professional recorder player (John Tyson) could do with
it. As you would expect, he did much better than I did, with no
trouble getting the spinning lights to slow down, but it was a
great deal of effort for him to make them stop. (When you watch
a professional recorder player play with one of the needle ones,
it really looks like the needle doesn’t move at all.) At my next
lesson, he asked me if I’d been working with the tuner (not much,
because of the concert), and recommended doing so, because it
would be good feedback on getting an even tone.

Pruning Roses

On Saturday, I wrote about finally being able to get to the
rosebush in my
garden plot

. Unfortunately, we had an unusual cold snap this
week, with temperatures in the teens (fahrenheit) for several
days, and maybe in the single digits at night. So while last
week I worried that I was leaving it too late, if having the raw
cuts exposed to cold is a bad thing, maybe I should have waited
another week. And now I’m worried about how the poor little buds
did with the cold, too.

to my pruning shears.


I said yesterday that the
pharmacy had the authorization, and was claiming that they would
fill the prescription for the insulin syringes in a small number
of hours. I called them several times, and they still hadn’t done
it as of 4 PM. So I called this morning, and they finally had them. But
this morning my fasting blood sugar was 201, which is much higher
than it ever is when I’m taking insulin. I’m going to try to get
time to write to the hospital ombudsman or whatever it’s called
these days. There should definitely be a system for getting
people medication in less than a week, and for expediting
medications that people are out of.

Getting drugs

I’m having enough trouble filling all my prescriptions this
month that I keep wondering about whether all the people who are less
literate and competent and mobile than I am, and have even more
prescriptions for the system to screw up than I do, ever get what
their doctors think they’re taking.

The short story is that as of yesterday afternoon my doctor claims to have authorized the
refill of my insulin syringes, and the pharmacy claimed
that they’d never gotten the authorization, and the doctor
claimed that there was no way she could talk to the pharmacy

The status this morning is that they admit to having gotten the
authorization, but won’t have it filled until at least noon. I
started trying to get this routine refill last Thursday, and have
been out of the syringes (and hence not taking the insulin,
although since that got refilled, I have plenty) since Sunday. I
have so far been to the pharmacy twice for this month’s refills,
and will have to go at least once more, and have probably spent at
least 2 hours on the phone trying to get all the refills.

The good news is that my fasting blood sugar this morning was
near the high end of the range it is when I’m taking the insulin,
but not off the charts.

One of the things I didn’t write about as much as I thought I
should last year was the difficulties of dealing with the health
care system. Last year, the difficulties I was thinking of were
largely those of my friend Bonnie, who
was dying of cancer, and presenting difficult problems to the
system. But refilling a prescription every month for a healthy
person who can walk or drive to the pharmacy shouldn’t be a difficult problem.