This week there are two new composers: “Benedetto Marcello”: and “John Wilbye”: They’re both people I’ve known about for years but never happened to transcribe anything by.

I transcribed the “Marcello Sonata III”: because I’m playing it at a “Master Class”:, and needed to print out copies for an accompanist, the teacher, and the other attendees. I could have copied the facsimile, which is what I’m playing from, but the accompanist at least probably prefers not to have to read the switches to C clefs and some of the cramped and scrawled figures that are in the facsimile.

The fourth movement of the Marcello is the one that uses the same tune as “Danza, danza fanciulla gentile”:

I had sung and enjoyed the Wilbye ??Draw on Sweet Night??, so when I ran into “Weep, weep mine Eyes”: in a box of music from a friend, I pulled it out for doing with the “band”: and we turned out to really like it.

The score was at “”:, so I used the “the lilypond finale converter”: to put it into the unbarred parts that we use. It probably would have been easier to just type it in my normal way, since I had to enter both the rests and the lyrics, but it does save some proofreading time.


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