Cantabile Renaissance Band

[Anne, Laura, Sam]

The band is a group of musicians who meet to
play Renaissance polyphony. We tend to concentrate
on the secular and sacred music that would have been played and sung in a home
setting, rather than the repertoire that demands a spacious acoustic.

Upcoming Performances

On the first Sunday in May, we usually perform at the Walk for Hunger.

What we sound like

Here’s an an
MP3 of Margot Labourez les vignes, by
and Lassus, recorded at a performance at the ALL Gallery in Lowell, on May 15, 2010. It demonstrates our use of voices, loud band, and recorders in sizes from soprano through great bass.

Here’s a video of a performance on September 19, 2010 at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Fall River, Massachusetts:

If you’re looking at this page to see what the Cantabile
Renaissance Band is about, also look at the FAQ.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for the Cantabile
Renaissance Band, you can subscribe here.


I’ve moved information about schedule and specific meetings to
the blog. I’ll
be emailing those entries as I write them, or you can subscribe to
the rss

There’s also a
google calendar
you can import into whatever xml-based calendar
application you use.

In general we meet every Tuesday, but if you aren’t on the
mailing list or reading the blog, you should call to make sure
that a particular Tuesday isn’t a special case where there isn’t a
meeting, or the meeting is restricted to people doing a
particular performance. Here are directions
to our meeting site.


If anyone is going somewhere where there will be people who
might enjoy our group, please take some flyers with you.

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