Instruments from the estate of Bonnie Rogers

One of the things I’ve been doing instead of writing this blog is serving as executrix of the estate of a close friend, who played a lot of different instruments. She had lived with a guy who played even more kinds of instruments, and did experiments on instrument design.

I’ve made a gallery of the pictures I took of Bonnie’s instruments. I’ve listed
the instruments that are still for sale and their “values” below.
Note that the “values” are just starting points for determining
prices; feel free to make an offer that represents the
instrument’s value to you. You can use any of the methods at contact.html to make offers or ask questions.

If you just want to look at pictures, you can browse the whole

Note on August 25: The connection to the gallery is down; I’m hoping it will be back up soon.


The 1982 bass is the only one still available. A local
repair person
has seen it, and estimates that it would take $400-600 of
work to make it playable.

It comes with a case, a bow, and an extra bridge.


Renaissance Renaissance recorders

  • Moeck #840 Renaissance alto recorder (350) SALE PENDING
  • Levin Renaissance soprano recorder (400)

Baroque Baroque recorders

  • Roessler bass recorder, knick design (300)
  • Moeck bass recorder, Tuju model, #253 (SOLD)
  • A. Dolmetsch alto recorder (200)
  • Moeck #429 rosewood soprano recorder (SOLD)
  • A. Dolmetsch soprano recorder (100)
  • Kung classica model sopranino recorder (SOLD)

Double Reeds

Crumhorns Baroque recorders

  • R Wood tenor cornamuse (400)
  • R. Wood bass crumhorn (SOLD) This was one of Bonnie’s favorite instruments, but the person who
    bought the other crumhorns decided not to buy it because it can’t be
    pushed as easily as many crumhorns. If the ensemble goes even a
    little bit sharp, it stops playing. Bonnie didn’t mind just stopping
    and yelling at people to not play so sharp.
  • Eric Moulder soprano crumhorn @ 415 (350) Please note that
    while this is a really nice sounding
    instrument, several very experienced people have tried to make it play
    at 440, and failed. So don’t buy it on the assumption that a little
    fiddling with the reed will let you play it with a crumhorn consort.

Other Double Reeds

  • Moeck bass rackett, baroque model (SOLD)Bass Rackett There’s a video of Bonnie playing
    this on YouTube.
  • J. Hanchet shawm, alto (SOLD)Alto Shawm
  • R. Wood Tenor Dulcian (SOLD)Tenor Dulcian

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