Report on the September 9 meeting

We played:

  • Sermisy, Je ne mange point du porc
  • Sermisy, Vignons, Vignons
  • Josquin, Deploration on the death of
  • Dowland, Shepherd in a shade
  • Berg, Let us drink and be merry
  • Purcell, Sir Walter, enjoying his damsel one night


On September 16, there’s a state primary election, and I’ll be
serving as Warden in Ward 10, Precinct 3. There will be a meeting
at Stuart Soloway’s place in Somerville. This meeting will
probably focus on the music for the September 27 performance, but
people who like that music (most of what we did last week) are
welcome to come and help out to substitute for the performer(s)
who are missing.

The Bonnie Rogers Memorial Party will be on
Saturday, September 27, so the September 23 meeting will be limited to the
people who want to play at that event.

After that, we resume our regularly scheduled dropin meetings
at the usual time (7:45 PM) and place.

Other events

The Boston
Recorder Society
will be having its first meeting of the year
on Sunday, September 28.

Look at the blog
from last month
for information about the Fall River Arts
around the Block festival.


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