Drop in tomorrow

Thanks to those who played the concert yesterday, and those who came. I
think we all had a lot of fun.

If you’ve gotten out of the habit of thinking about coming over
on Tuesdays, try to get back into it tomorrow. We’ll have new and
different music, and I got lots of food for my birthday, including
a very nice cake.

It will be at the usual time (7:45 PM) and place.

We’ll be dropin at least through March.

I’ll need to know by the March 30 rehearsal whether you’re
planning to play the Walk
for Hunger
on May 3. If it’s mostly music that’s familiar to
most of the people playing, we may not have to rehearse the whole
month of April, but if we decide we want to learn some new May
music, or we get lots of people who haven’t played previous Walks
or didn’t play this concert, we’ll need at least the four Tuesdays
in April.


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