Report on the February 2, 2010, meeting

We played:


In February and March, regular dropin meetings will be held, at
7:45 PM at my

Walk for Hunger

I have told the Walk for
people that we will be playing again this year on
Sunday, May 2.

We won’t be having formal rehearsals for this until April, but
I’d like to have an idea of who’s playing by early March, since
who plays determines what we can play.

So you should be thinking about whether you want to do it. In
involves committing to most of the time between 11 and 3 on May
2, and to substantially all the Tuesday rehearsals in April.

In addition, you have to be willing to treat the group as a
performing group, not as a dropin group. This means arriving at
rehearsals in time to be set up and ready to play at the scheduled
start of
rehearsal. You have to bring the actual instruments you intend
to perform on. You have to keep your own copies of the music,
in an order that allows you to find a particular piece in a
reasonable amount of time.

In return for all that work, you get to play for literally 10’s
of thousands of people, at a beautiful spot on the banks of the
Charles River.

So let me know by the March 2 meeting if you think you’ll want to do that.

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