I’m Back

If there’s anyone there who got interested in the blog back in
2010 when I was writing a post a day about whatever interested me
that day, you’re probably bored by the way it’s been lately where
I just barely manage a post a week about what the band is

My life is in a state where it needs some rearranging, so part
of what I’m going to do is write a post a day about what I’m
interested in then. This might reveal what I’m most interested in
these days, and should be putting more or less energy into.

I don’t promise to keep this up for a whole year, but I’m
calling this set of posts circa63, because I’m starting in August
and my 63rd birthday will be next February.

I may be able to fill in some of the things I should have been
posting about, like BEMF
, which I would have written a lot more about if I hadn’t
had the flu just before and my mother hadn’t died just after, and
the death of my mother. I’ll also get you caught up on some
things like the chair
seat covers
I’ve been knitting, and how I’m cooking from the
farm share these days.

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