Somebody told me about partifi
a year or two ago. It takes a PDF file with a musical score in
it, and turns the score into parts. Even if your religion doesn’t
forbid you to play Renaissance music from scores, you must have
run into a score with a page turn every 5 seconds that drove you
nuts, so this sounds like a really good idea.

At the time I heard of it, I went there and tried something and
the first thing I tried wasn’t immediately useful, so while I’ve
passed the word on to several people who were complaining about
page turns, I haven’t actually used it for anything.

But yesterday a music transcribing friend sent me a PDF of some
three part madrigals he’s been working on. He leaves out the
barlines, but puts the parts into score, so I thought about asking
him to send me the source or MIDI so that I could do parts, but
then I remembered Partifi.

I fed it three PDF’s, and the first two went very smoothly. It
guessed quite well at where on the page to split out the parts. I
told it the names of the parts and it produced three part files
for me.

The third one had to be set with the lines much closer together
in order to fit the whole piece on two pages. So partifi’s guess
about how to split the parts was much less useful, and even when I
figured out how to edit the guess, I still ended up with parts
missing words. I think I have an idea of how to fix this, but I
wanted to get the post done before fiddling with it any more.

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