Report on the May 5 meeting

We played:

  • Barnes (ed.), English Country Dance Tunes
    • Prince William of Gloucester’s Waltz
    • A Trip to Tunbridge
    • Bath Carnival
    • Fandango
  • Morley, Miraculous love’s wounding
  • Phalese (ed.), Motets from Bicinia
    • Beatus vir
    • Beatus homo}
    • O Maria mater pia,
    • Per illud ave prolatum
    • Oculus non vidit
    • Justus cor suum
    • Expectatio justorum laetitia
    • Qui sequitur me
    • Justi tulerunt spolia
    • Sancti mei
    • Qui vult venire post me
    • Serve bone
    • Fulgebunt justi sicut lilium
    • Sicut rosa
  • Glogauer LIederbuch:
    • Du lenze gut
    • Die Katzenpfote
  • Morley, Say, Deere, will you not have mee?
  • Harrison, Give me the sweet delights of love


We’ll be having our usual Tuesday drop in meetings at 7:45 PM
at my place
for most of the forseeable future.

We will skip the meeting on June 9
during the week of BEMF.

We’re thinking about a cookout to celebrate the Summer Solstice
on June 21.

Other events

John Tyson’s student recital will take place on Saturday, June
9 starting at 6 PM. If you’re interested in coming, let me know
and I’ll send you directions.

Lots of people we know will be playing at the BEMF fringe
More details later.

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