Digitizing Vinyl

I had some vacation ideas, none of which seems to be happening,
so I’m feeling like I deserve to spend some money on something.
I’ve looked at some knitting books, and surround sound systems,
and ordering gourmet spices and chocolates.
This morning what seems to be itching is the idea of digitizing
my collection of LP’s.

I was buying LP’s from 1968 when I went to college until about
1988 when I bought a CD player. For some of that time I was
making reasonable amounts of money, and when I wasn’t I was
living near record stores with $.99 sale bins, and that was the
period when my musical tastes were forming. So having my CD’s
digitized and easily accessible on the computer is good, but it
would be a bigger contribution to being in touch with my
personal history if I had the LP’s.

I was convinced enough that I wanted to do this to dig up the
right set of cables to put the output of my stereo system into a
computer sound card, when it turned out that my turntable from
1973 was pretty sick. I kicked it a while, and when it didn’t
get better I put it out for the trash on a Wednesday afternoon.
(Trash collection is on Thursday in this part of the world, but
electronic devices don’t usually last that long on this busy
street near MIT and Kendall Square.)

At the BLU
Wednesday night, someone said that they had
digitized their videotapes by buying a gadget that copied them
to cd’s and then ripping the CD’s to their computer. It really
seems like that’s the way to go for LP’s, too.

So I currently have this in my Amazon
shopping cart. I may convince myself that this isn’t what to
spend money on, or that I won’t want to spend the time putting
the LP’s on the turntable and labeling the CD’s. But for now,
that’s what’s next on the toy-buying list.

I have a further fantasy that I can rent it for small amounts
of money, or gift bottles of wine, and that when I’ve digitized
the records some of them can be sold. But I certainly wouldn’t
spend the money if I couldn’t afford it without monetizing it.


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