Dog Parks again

A few years ago, I made a post about the dog park that
Sunny and I
were going to. It was a big part of my life for several years,
but last year, they closed it for refurbishing at about the time
I was spending a lot of time on Bonnie’s
. So I stopped being in the habit of stopping what
I was doing at 6 PM and going there and hanging out with Sunny’s
and my human and canine friends.

[Sunny at dog park in 2000]

There is actually an enclosed dog run not too far from there.
It’s nothing like as good a space but does seem to fill a
similar function for a smaller number of people.

I went to check it out last night, because starting next
Thursday, Sunny and I are going to be having his cousin Monte
stay with us while my mother and sister go to Poland for two
weeks. Now that Sunny isn’t moving so fast, there are a number
of places I can let him off the leash that aren’t official dog
parks, but I wouldn’t want to do that with a young, active dog like Monte
who doesn’t know the area.


As a place to take Sunny, it’s no better than a lot of more
convenient places we go, but assuming Monte turns out to be a good
dog park dog, I’ll probably be bundling both dogs into the car and
taking them there while I have the two of them to deal with.

One thing I noticed was that the owner who spent the whole time
she was there on her cell phone had to leave sooner than she had
planned on because her dog (a 2-year old Newfoundland) had some
undesirable interaction with another dog (I didn’t see what it
was; I doubt that it was anything serious). People really
shouldn’t assume a dog park is a substitute for interacting with
their dogs — you should be using the time to socialize with both
the dogs and the humans so that your dogs get used to how it’s
done right.

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