Gig in Waltham

I Sebastiani, a
Commedia del Arte troup based at MIT, is giving a free
performance in Waltham tonight and I’ll be playing before and
during intermission with Lynn Noel and Ishmael Stefanov.

The website says:

# Saturday, August 22 at 7pm at 144 Moody Street,
Building 18, Floor 3, Waltham, MA; open to the public and

It’s a pretty informal gig, so I will be able to tell you what
we played tomorrow, but it’s likely to include lots of singing
and some serpent and recorder. We’re pretty sure to play Ravenscroft’s
We be three poor Mariners,
which we do with an instrumental on serpent and five-string fiddle
in between the verses.

Feb. 2003 I Sebastiani performance

Come if you can. The Commedia del Arte is quite good — I
played stage music for a week-long run once, and they really are
improvising, and a better audience does make for a better

That week, the lead actress (left in the picture above) was someone who teaches fourth grade for her day job.
She was playing a lusty young widow in a very low-cut bodice with fairly raunchy improvised dialog. She did her very
best performance the night a bunch of her students came. This is probably related to why
three of the five Hugo
award nominees
, including the winner, were Young Adult fiction.

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