Phatic Hiatus

One of the great phrases from C.S. Lewis. The Scotsman who uses
it pronounces hiatus so that the second syllable has the same
vowel as the first syllable of phatic. Communications gap
is a more common idiom.

The people at the Carlone campaign were quite impressed by the
I put together for my meet and
. (If you haven’t seen it, it prints on letter paper, and
folds in quarters.) So they asked if they could have the source so they
could use it for another get-together.

I sent them a zip file of the LaTeX, .eps graphics, and
Makefile, and said that if they didn’t have anyone who liked
playing with that kind of software (and already had LaTeX and pdf
utilities on their computer), I’d be happy to spend 10 minutes
fiddling with the text and send them a PDF file.

So they sent me the details with the phone number missing and
the room number wrong, and copied the host of the party, who
supplied the phone number and corrected the room number, so I
sent a second version, and he sent me this:

Half of this is upside-down, which will look funny when I tape it to
the wall.

When this is corrected, I can print it out and put it up next to our
mailboxes and a couple of other places.

Obviously, he hadn’t been who saw my original and thought it
was cute.

So I wrote him back:

The idea is that you fold it in quarters and put it in people’s
mailboxes (or in your pocket, and hand it to them). I could do a flyer
you could tape on the wall, but that would be a new design, not a
10-minute change to what I did for my party.

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