Ordered the turntable

I wrote about wanting
to digitize all my LP’s
, and what I was thinking of buying
to do it.

When I actually went to order a turntable, I was somewhat
surprised to realize that there was a wide gap between what was
being marketed to the teenage “let’s go over to your mom’s
basement and listen to some records” market and the audiophile
“lets compare these three cartridges with different weighted
tone arms” market, with very little in between. And looking at
what was in between reminded me very strongly that I’ve bought
two turntables in my life, and both of them are dead.

I realized that I don’t need to pay for more hardware that
knows how to digitize sound, because I already have soundcards
of a sort in all my computers, and a very good, special purpose
but quite usable for this application, soundcard in my Zoom
. (I should tell you about it, but that’s another

The item I was expecting to order in the post referenced above
includes speakers, which means it would take up too much space
on my bookshelves which already have lots of much better
speakers on them.

So in the end, I went for a low-end audiophile
system. I pored over the needledoctor site, and
ended up ordering the Pro-Ject
Debut III Turntable in Basic Black
. It will be
upgradeable if I decide I want to be more audiophile, and
probably won’t break in quite the same way as my two consumer
turntables did. Another connector tax on the new audio system
was that I had to buy a preamp.
I’ll have to spend some more money if I decide I like digitizing
vinyl enough to get into 78’s, but I won’t need more space on my

I’ll let you know how much I end up using it.


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