No Cantabile meeting tonight

I actually probably feel better than I have either of the last
two weeks, but I now have a diagnosis (pneumonia) that justifies
feeling crummy. So I’m going to cancel the meeting tonight, to
avoid being tempted to clean or transcribe music or cook when I
should be napping instead.

Unfortunately, there will also not be dropin meetings on either
Tuesday, September 7 or Tuesday, September 14, because some of us
will be rehearsing for a concert on September 19.

So the normal dropin meetings will resume on Tuesday, September
21, at 7:45 PM at my place.

I’ll attempt to call people who normally come and who might not read email between
now and this evening. If you’ve been coming regularly, if you can let me know that you got this,
it will save me trying to dig up your phone number.

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