Instruments and Music for sale

Please reply directly to Natalie Palme at (617) 731-1560; my only connection to
these items is that I promised to put the information online for her.


  1. Harpsichord, Zuckerman, made from kit by Thomas Todd, 1964,
    using cherry wood, SOLD
  2. Vielle, Westover, with wooden case and bow, SOLD
  3. Porka psaltery by A.M.+H.W. Westover, 1984, $250.00
  4. Cornetto, Christopher Monk, SOLD


Bärenreiter new clothbound volumes of full scores: Bach, Handel,
Mozart, Schubert, Telemann. Includes opera, choral, orchestral,
concerti, etc. List available on request.

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