WordPress upgrade

If this blog looks different to you, it’s because I upgraded to
WordPress 2.7 on Sunday, December 21.

It mostly went pretty smoothly, although there were a couple of

  • Some pictures disappeared. This turned out to be because
    I had ended up deleting wp-content/uploads. Be sure to follow
    the instructions about backing up your blog before doing an
    upgrade (I had), and you will be able to fix this kind of
    problem. I’m still unconvinced that the automatic upgrading is
    going to work on my system, since a bunch of other allegedly
    automagic stuff doesn’t.
  • The silly “>>” bullet style came back. That’s just editing
    the default .css file, but I should get myself a style that has
    a good bullet style to start with.
  • It looked like the raw-html input wasn’t going to work, so I
    tried a plugin called WP Unformatted, which has very little
    documentation and what there is is pretty incomprehensible. It
    seemed like it would work ok for new posts, but would
    necessitate going back to the old posts nad setting a custom
    field in all of them. Also, I have enough trouble remembering
    to set a category, I don’t want to also have to set a custom
    field. In general, anything you can do in emacs (like the
    start-raw comment) is preferable to anything you have to
    remember to do in a GUI.
    So I went back and tested the old raw-html plugin, and
    it seems to be working OK. Let me know if you find any problems
    that matter.
  • One of the good things I did during the upgrade was switch
    to managing my sidebar with widgets instead of editing the
    sidebar.php file. Unfortunately, the “monthchunks” plugin I was
    using doesn’t work for 2.7, and I haven’t found a good
    substitute. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  • The quotes plugin I was using has been superceded by a newer
    and probably better one. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to write
    a program to convert the database, so I had to spend some time
    putting the quotes into the new database by hand. But you can
    sit on the page and grab a new quote without reloading the whole
    page now. Isn’t Ajax wonderful?

Anyway, let me know about anything you see that you don’t like,
or anything you don’t see that you miss.

In general I recommend staying up to date on important
software, but it is more of a nuisance with software like
WordPress that has a lot of contributions that aren’t integrated
into the core software.

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