New avenues for Zaurus sound

The good thing about having the blog up is that I’m actually
writing about what I’m working on, and people are finding it and
writing me questions, and then I write them back.

This is from an email to someone else who wants sound on
Familiar/Opie (in his case an old Ipaq).

The latest accomplishment described on February
was that
this page
I was able to record from the command line, and play back at
two different wrong speeds.

My guess is that what I’m getting with that is a raw audio file
format, and that with the right magic words, sox, running on my
desktop computer, would add headers and convert it to something more

I’m also guessing that xmms-embedded is what changed the playback
speed from too slow to too fast, and that if I play around with
options to that, I may be able to get it to play back the raw file at
the right speed.

I have some other lines of attack that I will try when I get the time:

  • the linux-audio-user mailing list does not have any Zaurus or
    Familar experts on it, but it likely has lots of people who
    could figure out how to do the sox-type tricks if I can’t easily
    find what I need to know on the net.
  • OpenZaurus 3.5.3 is coming out next month, and may have some
    improvements, although from the responses to my queries on the
    list, it’s likely that nobody is working on sound recording.
    But the opie-recorder problem probably has nothing to do with
    sound, and might be an OS-related problem that might get fixed.
  • The tkcVox app worked
    ok when I was running the TKC ROM, so if I could figure out how
    to make the compatibility libraries work, I could probably use
    that. However, it’s pretty useless, because I couldn’t figure
    out how to convert its format to anything useful on any other
    machine. (They sell a windows-only converter program, but I
    haven’t booted my only windows box for several months, and don’t
    intend to start doing it more often.)

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