Report on the June 24 (and 17) meeting

On June 24, we played:

  • Walter, Canons in the Church Modes
  • Ruffo, Capricci in Musica a tre voci
  • Morley, Canzonets for three voices
  • Wilbye, Happy, Oh Happy He
  • Dowland, Me, me and none but me

I’ve been really overwhelmed by the Bonnie house coping, so I
didn’t get this out last week. For the record, on June 10 we
played at least:

  • Bigaglia, Sonata in A minor
  • Playford tunes
  • Ravenscroft, We be three poor Mariners
  • Wilbye, I love alas yet am not loved
  • Wilbye, As Matchlesse Beauty
  • White sand and grey sand

People who can remember other things we played are welcome to
contribute. I’m pretty sure there was something instrumental
after the Playford and before the Ravenscroft.


We will be having our usual dropin meetings on Tuesdays at
7:45 PM at my

At some point we will be scheduling a cookout on a weekend day,
where we can eat and drink first and play later.


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