News from the Cantabile Band

The 5 of us playing the concert this Spring are working hard,
but I wanted to update the rest of you about the concert and the
Cantabile Band’s future plans.

Concert Dates

In addition to the previously announced performance on March 1
at 3 PM at the Loring-Greenough house, we will also be performing
at the ALL (Arts League of Lowell) Art Gallery on Sunday, February
22 at 1 PM.

Please try to make it to one or the other performance. In
addition, here’s the flyer, which has
more information about when and where, and has the program on the
back. It would be helpful if you could distribute it and post
it, especially if you live or work anywhere near the venues.

Future plans

In March, we will resume our dropin meetings on Tuesdays at
7:45 at my place. I hope to see
some of you then.

On May 3, we will be playing our usual Walk for Hunger
performance, for 40,000 or so people on Greenough Boulevard.
Please consider playing with us then, or at least coming by to
listen. Some or all of the April meetings will be reserved for
rehearsing that performance.

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