Blogging in my 59’th year

Today’s my 58th birthday. I’ve been reading Lorelle
on WordPress
since I started having my own wordpress blog.
Last year, I got hooked on Mike Cane’s blog
where he posted (almost) every day in 2008. I was mostly
interested in his take on the ebook industry, and found his rants
on the economic downturn much less interesting, but the idea of
just writing every day is a good one, and I decided to try it.
The New Year was a pretty busy time for me, so I missed starting
then, so I decided to start on my birthday.

Some of the things I do, and therefore expect to write about

  • Directing the Cantabile
    Renaissance Band.
  • Publishing music.
  • Playing with various technologies, including those for
    running websites, reading books, playing music…
  • Living with a dog.
  • Living in a condo. I’m currently president of the condo
    association. I have a small garden plot in the back, that I may
    share pictures of.

Anyway, one of the reasons writing on the computer has taught
me more about
writing than writing classes in school did is that you get
feedback from people who wanted to read what you wrote. So
please comment or email me when I say something you’re
interested in.

2 thoughts on “Blogging in my 59’th year”

  1. I just happened upon your website. I have recently become interested in
    music notations like abc and Lilypond and I am enjoying your musical and
    other offerings.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I posted nearly every day, several times a day. That will lead to a quick trip to the grave — or at least a desire for it! I don’t know how other people do it.

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