News of the week of February 26

Meeting Report

We played:


We will be meeting regularly on
Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM at

my place


Walk for Hunger

I have accepted our invitation to play the

Walk for Hunger

at the
same time and place as the last several years.

There seems to be no enthusiasm for working up a program for this, as
we have done for the last several years, so we won’t do that. The
March and April rehearsals will continue as usual to be dropin
rehearsals with a mix of sightreading new pieces and learning the
polyphonic music of the Renaissance.

If I hear from people with enthusiasm for working up a program before
tomorrow’s rehearsal, we can change this, but I really have canvassed
all the usual suspects, and they sound like they’d just as soon not
commit to major rehearsal time for the next two months. And I would
prefer not to commit to rehearse a large program with a group of
people who don’t want to commit to rehearsing.

So this year, the the afternoon of the Walk for Hunger will be similar
to what the morning has been for the last several years. People who
want to play solos or duets should let me know when they plan to get
there, and I’ll set up a schedule. I’m hoping that there will be
enough good dance musicians that in between the solos and duets we’ll
have a band that can play Playford and maybe Susato and Gervaise. It
isn’t necessary to make a commitment to doing that at this point, but
I’ll want people to say whether they’re coming by some time in April,
so that I can get you t-shirts and parking permits.

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