The Messenger

was the standard Hollywood movie on my Netflix Watch Now
list that I was up to watching after spending the afternoon at the
Pub Carol Sing.
It’s about two officers on the Army’s Casualty Notification Team,
whose job is to tell the next of kin that their loved one has been
killed in action.

One interesting thing about it was watching Woody Harrelson
play the jaded older officer, after all those years of watching
him on Cheers as the dewy-eyed young kid.

Another highlight was an actual explanation of why you might
instead of ringing
: Woody Harrelson is explaining how they go
about doing their job and he says something like, “I always knock — there are a
lot of those doorbells that play some silly tune and if it’s going
‘Yankee Doodle went to town…’ and I start saying ‘The Secretary
of the Army wants me to extend his deepest sympathy…’, it just
doesn’t flow.”

Definitely worth watching if you’re tired, and maybe a bit
better than that.

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