Report on the March 16 concert

There were about 10 people in the audience, and I think we held them
pretty well.

The pictures are in the

Update: the recording is in the
audio repository
. It’s from the recording by Dennis Ehn, not the
one I describe below. Thanks, Dennis.

John Maloney will be doing the digital mastering, but the recording
came out pretty well. I had forgotten my microphone, but Dennis had
an extra so I borrowed that. It’s probably a cheaper one than mine,
because I don’t think it reproduces the bass viol as well as mine
does, but it doesn’t magnify the serpent sound as much, so the
recording is probably on the whole better.

On the whole I thought the singing and recorder playing were quite
good, and the serpent playing was better than previously. I was
disappointed that the good cornetto solo wasn’t as good in performance
as it had been in the dress rehearsal, but the Stingo playing is what
I can do these days.

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