News of the week of May 10, 2011

We played:

  • Billings, Lamentation over Boston
  • Lots of Susato
  • Rore, Signor mio caro and Caritá di signore
  • Gibbons, The Silver Swan
  • Guidiccione, Il bianco e dolce cigno
  • Arcadelt, Il bianco e dolce cigno
  • Ravenscroft, As I me walked


As far as I know, we’ll be having dropin meetings on Tuesdays
as usual (7:45 PM, my place) until the week of BEMF (June 14), when we will not be

Plans for next week

Curt Hoffman is writing a cantata for unaccompanied chorus
based on The Epic of Gilgamesh. We’ve agreed to sing a movement of
it next Tuesday, for an informal recording to be played at a
conference next month. This means that if you don’t like singing,
you’ll have to sit out the actual recording, although we may as
usual use instruments while we’re sightreading the piece.

If you think you’d enjoy this more if you had a chance to look
at the piece beforehand, I have parts I can send you by email in
PDF form.

Holborne Orgy

I have so far been unable to convince 5 people who are solid
enough readers to hold down a part to commit to a party on
Memorial Day weekend. I don’t know what they think could possibly
be more exciting than a Holborne party, but they are clearly
waiting for a better offer.

So unless this situation changes, I will attempt to finish the
proofreading of the Holborne book over the course of the next four
Tuesdays. I’d appreciate it if the people who can sightread
Holborne would make an extra effort to attend these meetings, and
to arrive at something like the scheduled start time (7:45

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