News of the week of May 1

Cantabile Band, May 1, 2011
Left to right: Ishmael Stefanov, Bea McClain, Norah Burch, Barney Gage, Anne Kazlauskas, Bruce Randall, Laura Conrad, John Maloney. Photo by Ishmael Stefanov

Walk for Hunger

I think we all had fun. All the Ravenscroft rehearsing we
did for NEFFA made it a lot more relaxed than usual, even though
we were also playing difficult Holborne on difficult

The new venue for afterwards, the Deluxe Town
in Watertown was good, too.

May 3 meeting

We played:


As far as I know, we’ll be having dropin meetings on Tuesdays
as usual (7:45 PM, my place) until the week of BEMF, when we will not be

Social events

Holborne Orgy

I’d like to get the complete Holborne book up for sale before
BEMF, and I’d like to get it all well proofread before I do
that. I was thinking one way to do this would be to throw a
party with lots of people, some of whom could play from
facsimile and some from the Serpent Publications Edition.

It would be like the Christmas party, except with Holborne
instead of Christmas music. And if the weather were to get good
between now and then,
we could do some of the eating and drinking outside.

only obvious time before BEMF to schedule this party would be
Memorial Day weekend (May 28, 29, or 30). Of course, this won’t
work if everybody who would want to come will be out of town.
So if this sounds like fun, let me know whether you could come
that weekend, and which days are better for you.

Post-BEMF party

Two years ago, we included a party invitation on the back of
the flyers we passed out at BEMF. We didn’t actually get anyone
we didn’t already know to come to that party, but I think it did
cause the flyer to give a better idea of what kind of group we
are, and a couple of people did join on the basis of that
flyer. So if you’d like to come to a Cantabile party after BEMF, please
let me know which weekend days in late June and early July would
be best for you.

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