News of the week of September 4, 2012

Meeting Report, August 28, 2012

Sorry, I’m a week behind on these. My memory of the week before last
is fuzzy.

We played:

Meeting Report, September 4, 2012

We played:


We will be having dropin meetings as usual on Tuesdays
at 7:45pm at

my place


Parking and Building Access

Is close to back to normal for you. We have our sidewalk back, and
all of the No Parking signs apply only from 7 AM to 4 PM, so parking
should actually be easier than usual for evening visitors.

Cantabile gets nationwide publicity

The American Recorder

magazing Fall issue has a paragraph about our
walk for hunger performance. They say:

During the May 6 Walk for Hunger in the Boston (MA) area, 43,000
people walked a 20-mile course, raising over three million dollars to
fund soup kitchens, food pantries and community gardens. At many
stations, entertainment is provided for walkers resting their weary
bones. Since 1999, Cantabile Band ( has
provided entertainment at Mile 13, a beautiful spot on the Charles
River. This year, seven band members sang and played recorder, fiddle
and viol on a program including Morley, Dowland, Holborne, Wilbye and

Playing out of doors for that length of time is challenging, with the
wind and noise (motorcycles, boomboxes, helicopters, amplified
directions to boats racing on the river…). Cantabile members bring
lots of clothespins, and have invested in tent pegs and ground staples
to keep music stands from blowing over.

They also included a picture of

me and Ishmael playing.

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