Globe review of Quicksilver concert

Is here.

Jeremy Eichler took better notes and reproduced more of them
than I did, but one thing he said deserves discussion here:

Why more local presenters, given the right program and
the right occasion, don’t explore this timeslot is to me a real

The reason the timeslot works (when it does) at BEMF is that a
lot of people take BEMF as a reason to suspend their normal life.
If they’re doing the 11PM concerts, they’re either on vacation, or
at least have given themselves permission to give up some of what
they normally do. For instance, I practice recorder and some kind
of brass instrument and vocalize over my whole range every day,
but not during BEMF. And I was deliriously happy when my CSA decided that the
cold Spring we had in New England didn’t produce enough to be
worth distributing a share this week, so I didn’t have to drive 4
miles to pick it up.

So I go to 11 PM concerts at BEMF, but would be really unlikely
to at other times. Also, even when I go, I often enjoy the last
one or two pieces less than I otherwise would because of worrying
about missing the last train. And in my case, if I miss the train
I can walk, or take a cab without going hungry for a week. Other
people are less fortunate than I am.

So I’m not at all mystified by the fact that outside of BEMF
there aren’t many 11 PM concerts.

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