News of the week of April 23

Meeting report, April 16

We played:

Meeting report, April 23

We played:


We will be meeting regularly on
Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM at

my place


Next Tuesday, April 30, Anne has agreed to be there on time to open
the door for people, so we will meet as usual, although I won’t get
there until some time after 9 because of the election.

Walk for Hunger

People who are playing the Walk for Hunger are reminded that it is on Sunday
May 5, and we’re responsible for covering 10am until 3pm. I will be
there for the whole time; it would be good if someone else would
commit to being there by at least 10:30.

If you’re not playing, it’s a beautiful spot on the banks of the
Charles River (Greenough Boulevard, across from the Cambridge Cemetery), and you’re welcome to drop by. It’s pretty informal
this year, so if you drop by, you’ll be able to sit in if you
want to.

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