News of the week of October 14, 2014

Meeting report, October 7

We played:

Meeting report, October 14

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at 233
Broadway, Cambridge, MA. On election day, November 4, we will
meet only if someone volunteers to open up and get the rehearsal


The New England Conservaroty of music is having a Festival of Music and
this week. John Tyson, who is one of the organizers,
especially recommends tomorrow’s concert, which
will include Renaissonics playing both Renaissance and Baroque
dance music, as well as world-famous exponents of other dance
styles. All events are free.

Performing opportunities

There are two events this weekend which could include
performances if enough people wanted to go to them.

  • A
    memorial gathering for Helen Conrad
    , where we will scatter
    my mother’s ashes under a ginkgo tree planted in her garden in
    her memory, to the accompaniment of music, poetry and
    remembrances by her friends and family. This will be in Fall
    River at 4pm on Saturday, October 25.
  • The Wort
    Processors Ciderfest
    will be in Amesbury on Sunday, October
    25 from noon to 3pm.

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