News of the week of October 20, 2015

[new piece for the week]

Meeting report:

We played:


We are meeting regularly on Tuesdays
at 7:45 pm, at 233 Broadway.

As usual, on November 3, Election Day, I won’t be there for
most of the meeting, so either someone else will have to to be there to
open the door and find the music, or the meeting will have to be
somewhere else.

Performance opportunity

Last chance to sign up for the Wort Processor’s cider picnic on
Sunday, October 25 from noon to 3pm at Cider Hill in Amesbury.

It’s free and if some people wanted to come play after we eat
and drink enough, it would be fun. It’s a nice orchard with a
good store for buying apples and such. (The cider donuts have
been highly praised.)

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