News of the week of April 12, 2016

[Bosch Concert]

Meeting report

We played:


We would like to meet every Tuesday at 7:45 pm at 233 Broadway. But the meeting will only happen if a critical mass of people say they want it by Monday night.

The meeting on April 26 will be exclusively for the people who
are playing at the Walk for Hunger.

Walk for Hunger

It looks like we’ll be playing at Magazine Beach in Cambridge, from 10:30 to
1:30. We have three or four people; a couple more would make
it easier and more fun. And we could do Holborne. So let me know
if you’d like to come.

Site move

It’s essentially done. I’m still fiddling with things, but we
seem to have working websites and mailing lists. The fixed
is getting a lot more hits than the broken one did; the moved seems to be
getting about the same traffic the old one did.

I did lose at least one email on Saturday, April 9. So if
you’ve sent me anything that I haven’t responded to, please send
it again.

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