News of the week of September 13, 2016

Meeting report

[woman with parrot]

We played:


We continue to meet on Tuesdays at 7:45 pm at 233 Broadway,
Cambridge. But only if a critical mass of people have told me by
Monday night that they want to come.

Playing opportunities

West Gallery Quire

I was busy, or lazy, last week and didn’t get the news of the
week out until Monday, so I couldn’t tell you that the first
meeting of the West
Gallery Quire
was last Sunday. But it’s usually the second
Sunday of the month, and the next one will be on October 9. This
is your best place for getting to sing with a serpent on the bass
line, and a chance to sing or play the vocal music of rural
England in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Boston Recorder Society

The first meeting of the Boston Recorder
will be this Sunday. They welcome recorders, strings,
and loud wind instruments.

New Piece

Our new piece for the week, As
tu point veu
, didn’t come from CPDL
with a translation.

Google Translate
didn’t seem to know any more of the words than I did.

So we put our heads, our school French, and our creative
writing skills together and decided it was a piece about a
Vicountess who painted and powdered her face green like a

If anyone knows more sixteenth century French than we do, and
would like to emend or amplify our translation, here are the

As tu point veu la viscontine,

tant popine,

tant godin'et qui a son chef bien pigné.

Ell'a donné la torre'a lespine.

sus sa mine,

la plus fine.

Qui soit point au refondoir.

il y a esté en reloupe dessus son verdillon

dessus son verdillonnet.

Et si a esté painct et broulé vert comme'ung papegay,

fa ri fan lan lan...

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