News of the Week of May 8, 2018

[Ishmael, Paul, Laura, Robin, Priscilla, Stuart]
Cantabile Band at 2018 Walk for Hunger: Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner, Paul Ukleja, Laura Conrad, Robin Colgrove, Priscilla Hunt, Stuart Mason. Photo by Ishmael and David Bor

Meeting report:

We played:

Performance Report

The weather was cool and cloudy — perfect for the walkers.
There were 5 raindrops at about noon, but nothing to justify how
freaked out some of the new performers were by the idea of playing
in the rain.

Our sets of dances by Susato and Holborne went well. We played
the Fairie
on almost no rehearsal and people clapped and

A welcome improvement this year was that we had a guest group
who alternated sets with us. This meant that our breaks could be
long enough to get to the bathroom and back, and that we got to
hear as well as play beautiful music. They opened with a
poignantly beautiful Il
bianco e dolce cigno
. Also striking was their arrangment
of “Quem Pastores”.

[Kim, David, Nouri, Peggy]
Guest performers at 2018 Walk for Hunger: Kim Waas, David Bor, Nouri Newman, Peggy Bendroth [Photo by Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner]

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