News of the week of February 25, 2020

Meeting report

Vincent van Gogh - Old vineyard with peasant woman

We played:


We meet every
Tuesday at 7:45pm at 233 Broadway, Cambridge. Please let me know
by the previous Monday night if you are planning to come on
Tuesday. This week Monday night comes pretty early,
since on Tuesday I’ll have to get up well
before dawn to get the the polls at the crack
of dawn. If you forget and don’t let me know
before Tuesday morning, you should copy
Ishmael on your mail about your plans.

We will be playing the Walk
for Hunger
on May 3 from 11 to 4. Please
let me know by March 10 if you would like
to participate. This is less than two weeks from
today, so if you have questions about the gig,
now is the time to ask.

Tuesday, March 3 is a relatively unstructured meeting. We have
finished reading the first half of the Rore
First book of madrigals for 5 voices, and we
aren’t going to start working on the Walk for
Hunger program until Tuesday, March 10. So
think about whether there’s something you
would especially like to do for that meeting.
Since Ishmael will be running at least the
first part of the meeting, you might let him
know if there’s something you plan to request.

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