Let’s meet


Can we meet?

I was fully vaccinated as of April 15. I believe this article means that vaccinated people who aren’t in close contact with high-risk unvaccinated people can meet indoors in small groups. We may want to still wear masks when we sing.

I know some of the other people in the group are also vaccinated or about to be so, and presumably in a small number of months most of us will be.

Where can we meet?

I don’t have a firm date about when I can move back to my place. I can imagine inviting people to come over when there’s plumbing and electricity, even if I don’t have furniture or music, but I don’t have a good date for that, either. Things are finally happening (see picture of my new living room floor, above) so it might be sooner than you might expect from how long it’s taken for anything to happen. I wouldn’t expect it before May, though.

Stuart has volunteered to invite vaccinated people to his house in Somerville. So let’s try for a first meeting on Tuesday, April 20 at 7:45 pm.

What day of the week?

It’s been Tuesdays for close to two decades now, so I’d need a good reason to change, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. If you’re serious about wanting to come, and Tuesday doesn’t work for you, let me know what days would work and we’ll see what we can do.

Let me know

Let me know if you want to come Tuesday, and I’ll send you Stuart’s address. I would suggest bringing a laptop or tablet, but Stuart says he can print out some parts.

If we want to have beer and food, we should bring some.

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