News of the week of June 15, 2021


Meeting report

There was no meeting. Maia was sick and I had to spend time taking her to the vet and giving her pills, and other people decided not to have it.


We’ll be meeting tomorrow, June 22, at Wendy Grey’s house in Newton Corner. Let both me and Wendy know if you’re coming.

Maia report

She was obviously listless and had discharge from her eyes, and was walking really slow. The only numeric abnormality the vet found was a very low platelet count. Which could mean lots of things, the most likely of which are either an infection or an auto-immune disorder.

So she’s been taking antibiotic and immunosuppressant pills and immediately started feeling much better. The next day her platelet count was up about 20%.

She seems pretty normal now. I’m taking her back to the vet today.

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