[Cantabile] Report on the March 8 meeting

It was yet another “Wow, we had 4 people” meeting on a dark and stormy
night. Everybody had either walked and had ice blown into their faces
by the blizzard-force winds or driven and had to chip their cars out
of several inches of ice.

We decided that the April 2 performance would be a combination of the
April music and the Swan music. So it will be a subset of:

I will do timings, and we may decide at the last minute to do more
verses of the better-sounding ones rather than fewer verses of the
ones that don’t sound so good. Surprisingly, last night “April is in
my Mistress’ face was in the latter category, so I may ask Lisa to let
me know if anyone else is doing that one. Although the last I heard,
we may be the only group with more than 3 players.

That list is what we’ll be doing with John Tyson on March 15, so
please let me know if you aren’t able to print them all, so that I can
have enough copies.

If the weather improves enough that we start being able to work on
five-voice pieces, we may add the Vecchi “Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno” for
the May performance, but I think it’s too late to do it in April.

So here’s what we did:

  1. Bicinia, several Fantasias
  2. Bastienne, Bastienne, vous avés changé d’amis
  3. April is in my Mistress’ face
  4. Me, me and none but me
  5. Arcadelt, Il Bianco e dolce Cigno
  6. Clear or Cloudy
  7. Josquin, Adieu mes amours
  8. Mouton, Adieu mes amours, double canon
  9. Quand je bois

I think “Adieu mes amours” will work well as part of a set about
having no money, with “Quand je bois”.

Schedule for Spring performances


Here’s who I think is playing with us:

On April 2:

  • Laura
  • Anne
  • Bruce
  • Bonnie
  • Ishmael

At the Walk for Hunger on May 1:

  • Laura
  • Barney
  • Patricia
  • Anne
  • Bonnie
  • Stuart
  • Ishmael
  • Paul

If I’m missing anyone, or including anyone erroneously, let me know as
soon as possible.

Dates to save

  • March 8, only for people playing one of the gigs who can make it
  • March 15. We’ll be meeting with John Tyson and concentrating on
    the April 2 music. This meeting may take place at John’s place,
    details later.
  • March 22, only for people playing one of the gigs who can make it
  • March 29 (this will be limited to and compulsory for the
    people playing the April 2 gig.)
  • Saturday, April 2, 2-4 PM, Central Square Library. We will be
    playing for 15 minutes, either the river music or the drinking songs
  • April 5, only for people doing the Walk for Hunger who can make it
  • April 12, only for people doing the Walk for Hunger who can make it
  • April 19, with John Tyson, again. We’ll be able to discuss the
    April 2 performance, and do some of the stuff for the Walk for Hunger.
  • April 26 (limited to and compulsory for the people doing
    the Walk for Hunger.) Stuart (I think) told me he was mostly
    concerned about Roaring Jelly rehearsals before NEFFA, and didn’t mind
    missing this one.
  • Sunday, May 1, Walk for Hunger. I haven’t set the schedule, but
    it’s likely that it will be like last year, where we play the same 45
    minute program twice, with someone else playing a set in
    between ours, ending at about 3 PM. So plan on 12:30 to 3:00,
    and coming to the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse afterwards.

If you’re on the list of people who are playing, and you can’t make
the compulsory rehearsals, please let me know.

Meeting reminder, March 1, 2005

The next meeting of the Cantabile Renaissance Band will be on March 1,
2005, at 7:45 PM, at my place.

We’re going to run a few doubtful pieces from the setlist.

Then we’ll work pretty hard on the River music set for the April 2
BRS performance.

I’ve started typesetting the next Dowland, Lasso vita mia, but I
think it might make sense to get back to new Dowlands after the Walk
for Hunger. But if there’s demand for sightreading difficult music
instead of just working on what we’re going to be performing, I will
finish it and we’ll do it. I didn’t feel that we got that much out of
the new Dowland we did last time, though.

Report on March 1 rehearsal

Between 10 inches and snow and a contra dance at MIT, this was another
low-attendance rehearsal.

  • Phalese Bicinia:
    • O Maria, mater pia
    • Per illud ave prolatum
    • Qui sequitur me
    • Sancti mei
    • Fulgebunt justi
    • Sicut rosa
  • Campian, My love hath vowed he will forsake me
  • Dowland two-part songs from Second Book:
    • Flow my tears
    • Sorrow, sorrow stay
    • Dye not before they day
    • Mourne, mourne
  • I gave her cakes and I gave her ale

Performing notes

On the Campian, “My love hath vowed he will forsake me” we decided
that we will sing 4 verses, with solos on the A sections of 1-3.
Everyone not playing the bass will sing all B sections, and the A
section of verse 4. The bass part isn’t idiomatic for serpent, so it
will be played by cello and/or viol.

Sets for the summer performing season

Here they are with pointers to the music.

If there’s any demand, I’ll do a booklet as I’ve done in previous
years, once the sets are a little more cast in concrete. So let me
know whether that would be helpful.

River set

  • Billings, By the rivers of Watertown regular
    parts in original key.
    . Also transposed down a step, and the bass solo cued in the
    other parts in the
    2004 book
    , and with larger type but in the original key from the
    2003 book
    . Please use the version
    transposed down a step.
  • Estans
    assis, aux rives aquatiques
    Please make
    sure you have the most recent version, with letters A through F on all
  • Gibbons, Silver
    A problem with the tenor part was
    fixed on March 30; please download again if you printed it before that.
  • Dowland, “Me, me and none but me”
  • Arcadelt “Il bianco e dolce cigno”
  • Possibly the 5-part “Il
    bianco e dolce cigno”
    . This is contingent on being able to learn
    it, which seems dubious to me since it’s been a while since we had a
    rehearsal with enough people to cover the parts, and it doesn’t look
    like this Tuesday will be an exception. Dropped for the May performance; we will get back to
    learning it after that.
  • Possibly other “Rivers of Babylon settings”. I particularly like
    the one we sing in West Gallery to the Walter Scott “Dies Irae”
    translation, which was originally published to a Thomas Campian
    We will probably do an
    instrumental and the first two verses of the vocal in May.

May set

Drinking Songs

These are all in the
drinking songs book
We’ll be selecting a 15 minute set for the Walk for Hunger, and
possibly also doing it at the BRS performance on April 2.

  • Rounds
    • He that will an Alehouse keep
    • Let us drink and be merry
    • 5 reasons
    • He that drinks is immortal
    • Tis Women
    • I gave her cakes and I gave her ale
    • Slaves are they that heap up mountains
  • To Anacreon in Heaven
  • Quant je boy du vin claret tout tourne
  • Vignon, Vignon
  • Changeons propos
  • Vive la serpe Make sure you have the
    version with one sharp.

I have ommitted several rounds that we could pretty easily work up,
so if anyone’s favorites aren’t here, let me know and I’ll add them.

I think at any particular performance, we wouldn’t do all of those,
but it’s good to have that many available.

Report on the February 22 (non)meeting

Ishmael and I have a gig on Saturday, and I had told both Bonnie
and Barney when I saw them that there wasn’t going to be an alist
meeting this week, so that Ishmael and I could get together and go
over the stuff for that gig. Anne had mentioned that the 22nd was the day
she would be flying back from Spain, so she wasn’t going to make the
meeting. And I didn’t send out an email invitation, so I wasn’t
expecting anyone but Ishmael to show up. Ishmael locked the door when
he came in.

So we were about half way through our program, and Sunny started
saying someone was at the door. I didn’t believe him, but my doorbell
has been a bit flakey, so I went down to check, and sure enough, there
was Anne. She had decided she really should stay up until her normal
bedtime, and that would be easier to do if she were singing.

So we told her she could dance for us, and she did some dancing and
some listening, and we finished going through our stuff and got out
the Morley trios.

We started with “Good Morrow, fair ladies of the May”, which we still
tentatively have on the list for the Walk. It went fine with the
three of us.

Then we did “Hold out my heart”, and moved to the sad ones in part
two, with “Farewell, disdainful”.

That didn’t go so well that we thought we should end with it, so we
did “Quand je bois” to finish off with.

Then we looked at Anne’s pictures of Spain and listened to the rest of
“Bruce Randall’s West Gallery Quire featuring Laura Conrad on

Report on the February 15 Rehearsal

What we did:

  • Marlbrouk
  • Drinking songs
    • Quant je bois
    • Vignons, vignons
    • Changeons propos
    • Vive la serpe
  • Dowland
    • Go nightly cares
    • From silent night
    • Me, me and none but me

Please note that if I print out 4 copies of something, and don’t throw
any of them away, I expect that there are still 4 copies in our
rehearsal room the next time we want to sing this song. Please tell
me if you are taking music away — I put a lot of work into making
all the music I set publicly available, and I’m happy to help people
print it out, but I need to know that that’s what I’m doing if I think
I’m printing music for our rehearsals.

We only had 4 people, so we couldn’t try out the (5 part) Vecchi swan
piece. It’s probably not reasonable for this spring, but if we try it
soon, we can still change our minds.

Walk for Hunger

We are officially scheduled for the same time and place we’ve been
doing. I am attempting to set up the same kind of schedule we had
last year, with people doing half-hour solo sets in the morning, and
our group plus another one (I’ve asked the Quilisma Consort, but haven’t yet
heard back) alternating 45 minute sets in the afternoon.

So I need official commitments from people who want to play on May 1
from 12:30 to 3:00 PM. It will be the same spot we’ve been playing
at, on the Charles River at the Cambridge-Watertown line, across from
the Cambridge Cemetery.

Also let me know if you’re interested in doing a solo set.

Cantabile Renaissance Band meeting reminder

The next meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, February 15, at 7:45 PM at
my place.

The next Dowland, “Go nightly cares”, is one we’ve done before, so
I may transcribe the one after that. In addition, we’ll try to
finalize the candidates for the river music set. The one we’re
thinking of that we haven’t done recently is the Vecchi “Il Bianco e
dolce cigno”. One of the two soprano parts is higher than any of us
likes singing, and the bass isn’t especially low, so we’ll try it
transposed this time.

We have performances coming up on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday,
May 1. (I have the official Walk For Hunger invitation, and have
replied to it, but have not yet received the official time and
location.) So I’d like to know as soon as possible who wants to play
these performances.

Since we aren’t really a performance group, we have in the past
performed with some people who don’t play with us regularly but like
performing. I would like to keep this to a minimum this year. So if
you haven’t been coming regularly and would like to play at either of
these gigs, let me know, and we’ll try to figure out a rehearsal
schedule that lets you get to at least a couple of rehearsals.

If we keep to our every other week schedule, we’ll be conflicting with
Roaring Jelly in April, so I’m suggesting the following schedule:

  • February 15
  • March 1
  • March 15
  • March 29 (this will probably be limited to and compulsory for the
    people playing the April 2 gig.)
  • April 5 (previously had said April 3)
  • April 19
  • April 26 (ideally limited to and compulsory for the people doing
    the Walk for Hunger.) This is probably a conflict with Roaring Jelly,
    and if that’s a problem for people who want to play May 1, we can talk
    about it.

I’ll be getting better set listings with links to all the music in
the next week or so. But the big picture is that we’ll do three sets
at the Walk for Hunger:

  • May music
  • River Music
  • Drinking songs

We will do either the River Music or the Drinking songs on April
2. If the schedule on May 1 is the way it’s been the last couple
years, we’ll do a 45 minute program twice, with some other group
performing in between.

Report on the February 8 A List rehearsal

We mostly worked on the river music set, which is really two sets — the Psalm 137 set and the Silver Swan set.

  • Bop duets
  • Silver Swan Round
  • Grace et vertu
  • Bruce’s Wordsworth setting
  • Campian, Babylon Streams
  • Estans assis
  • Billings, Lamentation over Boston
  • Arcadelt, Il bianco e dolce cigno
  • Dowland, Me, me and none but me

I think the conclusion was that the Arcadelt really belongs with
the other Silver Swan ones, but the round doesn’t. The Campian is ok,
but probably not interesting enough as is for 9 verses. It would of
course be better in a setting where people were singing along.

So our river music set(s) are shaping up to be:

  • Campian
  • Estans Assis
  • Billings
  • Gibbons
  • Dowland
  • Arcadelt

Comments, additions, deletions, order changes?


Next week (February 15) is a regular rehearsal, to which we hope Bruce
and Stuart will come. Anne will be in Spain.

So the next possible A-list rehearsal is February 22. Note that
this is not a definite schedule until I send out the email invitation.


Bonnie was asking whether it was necessary to check the blog as
well as read the email.

My policy is that anything that affects scheduling will be sent out
by email.

However, I’m putting a lot of stuff that people here might be
interested in in the blogs. For instance, this morning I did the
corrections to the music that we found last night, and described them
the publishing blog

In other words, there isn’t going to be a rehearsal you’ll miss by
not reading the blogs, but if you want to know what I’m up to, you may
want to check both my personal blog

personal blog
(which this is part of)


the www.laymusic.org site blog.


I have signed up for Google ads on my site, and it looks like a small
number of clicks actually makes a noticeable amount of money. So when
you’re checking the site, if you have nothing better to do, click on
some of the ads. I get paid just for people clicking on them — you
don’t have to buy anything.

February 8th A list rehearsal

Tuesday, February 8, usual time and place. As usual, please let me
know whether you can come as soon as possible.

Good news is that Bruce Randall will be able to play April 2 at the
Central Square Library.

We’ll have to start deciding what to play as soon as we know who can
come. I’m thinking of either as much of the river set as fits in the
time and works with the personnel (e.g. if we don’t have 5 people we
won’t do Silver Swan), or a drinking songs set.

So the sooner you decide whether you can make it on April 2, the

I’m hoping to have the Heurteur that we liked a couple of weeks ago
transcribed, and print out some of the less familiar stuff from the
setlist at
so we
can try it out.