Removed Cafepress

I’ve found that Cafepress doesn’t work for my purposes, so I have removed all the items from the store, and removed references from my site. If you still want to buy a drinking songs book or a t-shirt, email me and we’ll work something out.

I am researching other ways to do e-commerce on this site, and expect to have something working soon. Leading candidates are zen-cart and Let me know if you have an opinion.

Removed the phpwiki’s

I had written phpwiki‘s for a couple of recent performances by the Cantabile Band.  It’s pretty good software, making it pretty easy for a group to collaborate on a fairly complicated site, but there’s no security at all.  So when you go back after not looking at it for a couple of weeks, the front page has a bunch of links to porn sites.

So now that people don’t need the links to print their music out or get it straight what the routes of the pieces are, I’ve removed the Wiki’s.

Next time, I’ll either go back to the tiddlywiki software we used for the Walk for hunger, which is very secure but not so good for letting people collaborate (which they didn’t do anyway), or find a different Wiki solution.

Moved Blog to WordPress

I have moved the blog from blosxom to wordpress. Blosxom is good software for what it does, but I need features that work out of the box on WordPress, and to use them in blosxom, I would need to write or debug perl code, and that isn’t what I want to be working on.

I intend to eventually move the whole site to wordpress, so give me your comments on the format.

I have imported the old blog entries into the new wordpress blog, so you should be able to read, search, and comment on them.

[sitenews] Had to take comments off

One of those porn spammers found the site, and was sending multiple
messages an hour, which I didn’t feel like removing by hand.

I’m looking at a Blosxom plugin which will allow me to moderate
comments before they go up, but probably won’t have time to implement
it for another week or so.

Meanwhile, please email me if you have a comment that you want to
be seen, and I’ll add it to the article by hand.

[sitenews] The Cafepress

store is open

At the moment, the only things you can buy are the Drinking Songs
book and a t-shirt with a nice Breughel picture which advertises the
drinking songs book. I will be gradually putting more of the
published music up for sale there, with promotional items for people
who want to help support and advertise the site, but find downloading
the free PDF’s works well for them as a way to acquire the music. goes to a 3 column layout

I haven’t changed the blog yet, but the static pages on the site are
now a 3-column css layout, instead of the old two-column table based

Update February 19: The blog is now changed,
too. I seem to be getting a fair amount of correspondence based on
people finding interesting things I’m doing by googling and hitting
the blog.
I also regenerated the music html pages, which
get a fair amount of hits from both google and cpdl.

This should accomplish the following:

  • the Google ads will be “above the fold”. In the old layout, there was no way for both the ads
    and the major navigation aids to be above the fold.
  • It will give a reasonable length reading line for the site content
    without the css margin stuff that some browsers (as far as I know,
    only IE 5.x, where x is a small number, on Mac OSX) couldn’t deal
  • The actual html is more reasonably organized, without a lot of td,
    tr, table, etc., and the content is above the navigation and ad stuff.

If this doesn’t work in your browser, please let me know. I did ask a
bunch of friends with a wide array of browsers and os’s to test, and
the ones that replied didn’t have any major problems.

Blog and Google

Today I added two things to the page navigation.

Debut of the blog

The first is a categorized blog. You can read it in html, as an
rss feed, or let me know and I can sign you up for my rss to email
gateway, and you will get new blog entries for any or all categories
by email. Please let me know what you think.

I also put a link from the blog to my personal blog at
href=””> is my home computer, and I’ve been running a
webserver on it for some time but have avoided putting links to
anything on that site from the main site. I’ll reconsider this policy
if it turns out to be a problem.

Google ads

I also set up a google AdSense account. So far, the ads I’ve seen
have been inoffensive. Let me know if you feel otherwise.