Figured out again how to set up user scripts. The answer is that
you need the script in the directory /usr/lib/cgi-bin. So I have a
user-owned directory under there, and a line in the public_html
Makefile to install all .cgi scripts to the user-owned directory.

Have done this for lconrad; need to do it for sixtoe, but the
script for sixtoe doesn’t work, so I’d need to look at that.

So I have now installed Blosxom, and will be looking at the plugins
and using it with css, etc.

BACK to www.laymusic.org

I have got the schema (roughly) into the mysql database on

When I try to get the data in from the postgresql dump, I get:

$ mysql -pjsb1750 laymusi_musicpublish
ERROR 1064 at line 3: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘COPY piece (id, title, composer_id, copyright, Directory_name,

So I’m going to have to research mysql sql, or see if some kind person
has written a script to turn pg_dump output into mysql input.

The answer turns out to be that you run pg_dump with the –inserts
option. So the data is now in the mysql database; now I have to check
it, and modify abc2db.py to put the data into the mysql database, and
db2html.py to get the data out of the mysql database.


I’m starting a contract job at Durridge next Monday, so I’m trying
to get my life in order. I’ve asked Barney to walk the dog every
afternoon, so that should be ok.


I borrowed some Zone 2 dvd’s from John and Miyuki. They play fine on
the new dvd writer. I get a “wrong zone” error message on the
downstairs DVD player. I have looked up the firmware change for
making the DVD zone-free, and it’s here.
My serial number starts with C1500 and is on a white label.


It looks like I can ride the bus from Alewife. To do it all the time,
I’d need a combo pass, which is seventy-some dollars a month. So gas
is probably more expensive, or similar. So if the air-conditioning
works on the bus, and you can generally get seats, it might be worth

Gig, and backups

DVD writer

I got it working yesterday. The big deal was getting the scsi
emulation; I’d only had SCSI cd-writers, so I had to get the ide-scsi
module loaded right. After that, the dvdplusrw tools seem to be the
way to go. It’s really nice being able to add stuff after you’ve

The backup script I have is pretty rudimentary, and at the moment, to
fit the backup on one dvd, I’m having to delete most derived files,
and compress the rest. Also it doesn’t do things like backup the
database. But it’s a lot better than nothing, and if I leave the
right dvd in the drive, I can run it automatically at night, but I
need to write a program to check for that first. For now, maybe I’ll
just kick it off when I go to bed.

I have to practice this morning, since we’ll be leaving for the gig at
about 3, so I’ll leave fidling with the new hard drive for later in
the week. I’m sort of concerned it might not work, since I know I had
the jumpers right at least once, so I should get to it soon if it
might have to go back. But I certainly don’t have time tomorrow

New DVD writer installed

Simply messing about with computer Hardware

I got the new dvd-writer and 120G hard drive late Wednesday, but I
sprained my ankle Wednesday night, and Thursday I spent in bed with my
foot elevated, and Friday I spent catching up from the things I didn’t
do on Thursday.

So this morning I got up, took care of the important email, and
shut down the computer.

I was replacing the old dvd reader with the new dvd writer, so I
just looked at the cables and jumpers on the old one and put the new
ones on the same way. This turned out to work.

I have tested cd reading, and it’s fine. DVD playing is even
better than with the old one, at least for Zone 1 DVD’s. There’s
apparently a firmware patch for the Creative DVD reader, but you can
only install it under windows. So I’m saving the drive in case I ever
put it on a Windows system and run it. Or I’ll give it to someone.

I’m now looking into testing the dvd-writing. The current page
that looks useful is this one.

I also installed dvdplusrw. It looks like at some point cdrecord
did dvd-RW but not DVD+RW. This may no longer be true, but also the
interface for dvdplusrw might be better. (They’d have to work hard to
make it worse.)

It’s lunchtime now, so I may not get much more done on this today, but
it looks good.

Complicated messing about with computer hardware

I tried 2 different jumper settings and still didn’t get the bios to
recognize the new hard drive.

Also, since I’m retiring the SCSI enclosure that had the CD-writer in
it (also the busted tape drive), I need to find a different cable for
the scanner, so it can connect directly to the SCSI card instead of
daisy-chaining through the enclosure.

I don’t think I’ll do any more on either of those things today.


Emailed Bruce about Alan.

Emailed status to the Board. Mary Briggs doesn’t see why I don’t
ask for more discount on the summer sessions.

West Gallery and da Rore

Music Publishing

I promised to copy the da Rore for Anne, and in order to practice the
divisions it’s easier to have a transcription with the tune and the
two divisions in score. So since I’ll see Anne this afternoon at West
Gallery, I’ll try to get the transcription made.

I want to check out the lily 2.2 lyricsto command. It looks like it
would help. Lily
says that you write melisma and melismaEnd around
notes that are all on one syllable. But I think upgrading to lily 2.2
is too much work for this morning.

BRS and more Rore


Did the treasurer stuff from last night, and also wrote my check,
dated Friday, while I was at it.

personal email

emailed John and Judy about BabZ’ concert space. Remember to check
her website after May 1

Alison claims her last email got lost. I don’t see where it could
possibly be, unless it got sorted into spam for some reason, and
deleted since she sent it.


Still working on the simplified divisions. I got something in
conrad.abc this morning, that still needs some simplification. In
addition, there are some places that need “L:” statements, and some
minor underlay problems.

After lunch — fixed the fixes, and put it in score with the Rore –>
original. Probably still have to simplify.

I haven’t had any new illumination about the translation.

Concert bookings

The wedding planner called, and I said she and her clients could
come to tomorrow’s rehearsal, which I’m sure was a mistake, but I
won’t do it again.


Found which has transparent decals that can
be used to put decorations on harps, and bumper sticker paper. I
emailed Bruce the pointer to the bumper sticker paper.

Still more Rore, voice lesson, Cantabile


The reason for more is partly that I didn’t finish proofreading the
bass part or the score yesterday. But mostly that John thinks I
should write out a simplified version, for if both Bassano and Dalla
Casa are too hard.


Judy about June 5 recital, John about Camusette mistake, Sarah about
listing inconsistencies,


Tried calling the Central Square Bulk Mail guy about the permit. The
voice mail maze wouldn’t connect me. The web site says you shouldn’t
pay until you are doing your first mailing, because it lasts for a
year after you pay. So that means we don’t expire until the end of
May. I mailed this information to the board.

SPF attempt

I looked at the LJ article about rejecting mail based on SPF, and
decided to try upgrading postfix. That resulted in the following:

apt-get install postfix
546 apt-get install postfix-pgsql postfix-mysql resolvconf
558 apt-cache search spf
559 apt-get install libmail-spf-query-perl
560 apt-get install libsys-hostname-long-perl

I hope I did the resolvconf install right. I haven’t taken anything
up and down yet.

The README file for libmail-spf-query-perl says:

describes the files under sample/

* postfix-policyd-spf

If you run a recent snapshot version of Postfix, this policy
server will plug right in. You don’t need to run spfd.

But dpkg -L doesn’t list any sample directory, or a file named
postfix-policyd-spf. So I don’t know how to plug it in. Google
managed to find me the file, and it’s a perl script that I wouldn’t
know what to do with if I had it. The Postfix manual has an example
of implementing a policy daemon, but it looks like it expects a file,
and I don’t know where the file is. So I need more instructions.

Lunchtime. But the next time to look at this, use
http://spf.pobox.com/postfix-policyd.txt, which has a pointer to the
postfix documentation in it.