News of the months of June and July, 2020

Meeting reports

Nymph and Shepherds No.1 - William Strang

June 3

We played:

June 10

We played:

June 17

We played:

July 7

We played:


I think everybody who gets this also got my news of last week
that there was a fire in my building. I’m fine; all the
instruments are fine; as far as I know all the music and books and
electronics are fine. The kitchen and bathroom are not fine, so
it will be months and not weeks before I can go back to living

The good news is that here in Fall River where I’m staying at
my sister’s has outdoor rehearsal space. I know Fall River isn’t
very convenient for very many of you, but if you’re one of the
ones it is convenient for, or if you want to come anyway, I’d
love to play with you. It’s logistically easier to play outdoors
in daylight, so we might want to do it on a weekend afternoon
rather than a Tuesday night. But let me know if you’re interested,
and we can schedule a time, and I’ll let the list know that they
can come too.

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