Like a house on fire

There was a fire in my building yesterday. Everyone is safe, and the fire itself was confined to the unit where it started. But there’s a lot of cleanup to happen before I can live there again.

My unit is next to the one where the fire started, so the wall I share with that unit has a lot of water damage, so there isn’t a ceiling in either the kitchen or the bathroom. But the living room and the bedrooms and the dining room (where all the instruments live) all look pretty normal.

I’m with my sister in Fall River for for now, but email and phone should work normally.

It’s surprisingly complicated; I am currently trying to figure out who has to do what to get the electricity turned on. There doesn’t seem to be structural damage; they said we can get in and out as we feel like it, but of course until all the broken glass and fallen plaster are cleaned up, I won’t feel like it that much.

There’s a channel 7 report on the fire, with video of me and Maia crossing the street. Naturally, they were more interested in interviewing my downstairs neighbors with the three-month-old baby.

6 thoughts on “Like a house on fire”

  1. So sorry to hear this! Glad everyone and instruments are ok. Perhaps the Red Cross can offer useful advice?
    Good luck.

  2. We had interview with the Red Cross. They gave us a credit card with some money on it, and a notebook for writing down phone numbers and stuff. I don’t know that the advice was all that useful. They don’t actually put people up any more.

  3. Wow, that’s really tough, especially with the pandemic on top of it all. I’m glad you have a place to stay and that your instruments are not ruined. I hope you can maintain some sort of calmness.

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