I’ve loved you so long

I watched I’ve
loved you so long
last night, and really enjoyed
it. I don’t remember seeing the original review, but I saw a
preview on something else I watched, and added it to my netflix
queue on the basis of the acting, and also because I like to
watch a French movie from time to time, on the theory that it
might help keeping up my French conversation skills, such as
they are.

My favorite part was the scene where the drunken host of a
party decides that the right game to play is to find out what
Juliette, the main character, has been doing before she suddenly
appeared in her sister’s life. Even people who don’t know the
answer try to convince him that he’s being boorish, but he
persists, and finally Juliette tells the literal truth: “I was
in prison for 15 years for murder.” Everybody bursts out
laughing, and they all assure the host that he’s no match for
Juliette’s wit. (The man who’s getting interested in Juliette
sees that it isn’t a joke, but that part is clearly a fairy

The same party conversation has an argument about Eric
. There are clearly
similarities with the production values that bowled me over when
I first saw Ma
nuit chez Maude
. For instance, you believe that the scenes
in the kitchen were filmed by someone who had washed dishes at
least once. But I think the characters are much more
three-dimensional than is typical in Rohmer’s movies.

One disadvantage of the movie: the title comes from the folk
song A la claire fontaine, which I almost know, so
I’ve had it running through my head a little bit wrong all day.