Still more Rore, voice lesson, Cantabile


The reason for more is partly that I didn’t finish proofreading the
bass part or the score yesterday. But mostly that John thinks I
should write out a simplified version, for if both Bassano and Dalla
Casa are too hard.


Judy about June 5 recital, John about Camusette mistake, Sarah about
listing inconsistencies,


Tried calling the Central Square Bulk Mail guy about the permit. The
voice mail maze wouldn’t connect me. The web site says you shouldn’t
pay until you are doing your first mailing, because it lasts for a
year after you pay. So that means we don’t expire until the end of
May. I mailed this information to the board.

SPF attempt

I looked at the LJ article about rejecting mail based on SPF, and
decided to try upgrading postfix. That resulted in the following:

apt-get install postfix
546 apt-get install postfix-pgsql postfix-mysql resolvconf
558 apt-cache search spf
559 apt-get install libmail-spf-query-perl
560 apt-get install libsys-hostname-long-perl

I hope I did the resolvconf install right. I haven’t taken anything
up and down yet.

The README file for libmail-spf-query-perl says:

describes the files under sample/

* postfix-policyd-spf

If you run a recent snapshot version of Postfix, this policy
server will plug right in. You don’t need to run spfd.

But dpkg -L doesn’t list any sample directory, or a file named
postfix-policyd-spf. So I don’t know how to plug it in. Google
managed to find me the file, and it’s a perl script that I wouldn’t
know what to do with if I had it. The Postfix manual has an example
of implementing a policy daemon, but it looks like it expects a file,
and I don’t know where the file is. So I need more instructions.

Lunchtime. But the next time to look at this, use, which has a pointer to the
postfix documentation in it.

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