More blogging implemented, google in the works

I managed to set up categories on blosxom. The categories plugin
doesn’t work for me, but the categorylist one does exactly what I wanted
out of the box.

So now I have categories on both my
personal blog
, and the

I also set up a link from the one to the one. This is the first time I’ve put a link to from; I doubt that my little
webserver will be overwhelmed, but we’ll see.

I have written John to see whether he can read the blogs. If so, I’ll
change the css so that it works more like the blosxom html flavour.

I also applied for having google ads on the page. I don’t expect to
get rich this way, but I’m getting a couple of thousand hits a day, so
it could be a small income stream if they’re the kind of hits that
lead to clickthroughs.

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