Advice to someone who wants to start a band

I got an email complaining about a broken link on my site, and going
on to say:

While I have your attention, I would love to start a small band if I can
find others who share my interest in early music, and new music for the
recorder. I am a member of two Yahoo! groups for recorder, but so far
all my efforts to find fellow musicians in my immediate locality
(Lyndonville, VT) have drawn a blank, including contacting the music
faculty at Lyndon State College (LSC). Any suggestions you can offer
will be most gratefully received.

Music faculty are used to having a lot of the organizing done for
them, and aren’t always the best people to contact. If you go to
events at the college, look around you to see who actually seems to be
organizing something (handing out flyers is a dead giveaway, and
looking speculatively around the lobby as though comparing faces with
a list of names whose arms should be twisted is another sign) and ask
them if they know any recorder players. Also look at the list of
events and see if there are events that are organized outside of the
regular channels, i.e., not the official orchestra and chorus and
concert band.

(N.B. I would join the American Recorder Society if I had some
disposable income to pay the membership fee 😦

You can still use the information on their website even without
joining. I would suggest calling the contact people for the closest
chapters even if they aren’t close enough to go to regularly.

If you’re at all comfortable performing on your own, set up a
performance in a library or hospital lobby, and put an announcement in
the local paper. That will bring any closet recorder players who see
it out of the woodwork. If you’d be comfortable teaching, advertise
that — you may be able to form your own group with a couple of

I’m the wrong person to ask; I’m basically telling you about what
other people I know have done. I organize in a large metropolitan
area and only rarely get anyone who isn’t already interested in early

Two people who might be able to give you better advice are my sister,
Judith Conrad (, who has had a recorder
group meeting regularly every week in Fall River Massachusetts for
about 15 years, and Marcia Anderson (, who
has been organizing recorder players in Bridgewater, Massachusetts for
even longer.

Hope this helps. Thanks for writing.

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